St. Benededict's Parish

St. Benedict’s Parish, was established on 11 July 1994 by the late Bishop Joseph Thumma and was attached to the monastery in perpetuum. It currently comprises of six substations spread over ten surrounding villages in a radius of 10-15 kms. Most of the Catholics of these mission stations, belong to the ‘scheThe monastic parish churchduled caste’, considered the lowest strata of the caste-ridden society of Andhra Pradesh. Most of them are land-less daily workers, whose earnings are just a pittance and hardly sufficient for a decent living. Most of these stations have a small chapel. Liturgical services of Christmas and Easter are held in the monastic chapel 

While constrained to live a hand to mouth existence, they do not neglect their spiritual life ministered to, by the monks. Their social condition of abject poverty is a strong obstacle to a joyful and enthusiastic living of their faith and their faith-formation is next to impossible unless efforts are made to improve their living living conditions. The monks join hands with the ‘SocPaschal Vigil for the Parish communityial Service Centre’ of the Diocese, in order to put in their mite in improving their living standards through various social welfare programmes but it remains just a trickle. The monk in charge of the mission organizes catechism classes and faith-camps in collaboration with the diocesan agencies. Through the generous contributions of many benefactors, the monks were able to build houses for many, help many children to educate themselves and provide rise (their staple food) to many a hungry poor. 

It is a sincere wish of the new Priory to develop the socio-religious conditions of our brethren in faith with self-help projects and providing them with what little we could to ameliorate their living conditions. Trusting in the provideDistribution of rice to the poornce of God and relying on the generosity of our benefactors, we hope to continue these humanitarian works as part of our monastic mission. Another wish that the monks have in favour of this parish, is of ‘twinning’ it with any parish that would be willing to contribute to the edification of charity and service of one another of God’s family, especially the poor ones. This Priory would be most grateful if any such suggestion is offered by our brothers or sisters in faith anywhere.