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In English:  Readings : Acts 15,: 1-2. 22-29 , Revelation 21:10-14. 22-23, John l4: 23-29



In today's gospel Jesus speaks about the Holy Spirit. He affirms that the Holy Spirit will teach us all things and that he will be our teacher and guide. Jesus promises the disciples that the life-giving Spirit  would accompany them and guide them on their way. Since the Holy Spirit is the teacher, every christian is a learner; hence he or she must respond to the promptings  of the Spirit to be led into a deeper knowledge of God.  It is the Holy Spirit who reminds us of what Jesus has told us. In our journey of discipleship, the Holy Spirit constantly recalls to us the thing Jesus said in order to correspond to it for good conduct. The Holy Spirit is always at work to help us to do right thing.  Jesus tells us how the Spirit of God could abide in us: we have to listen to his word and live accordingly. The observance of his commandments of love will ensure the immanence of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in us. “We shall come to him and make our home with him”.  The promised Holy Spirit whom the Father will send will stay with the believers and inspire  them to live an authentic christian life filled with peace, joy and goodness.     The Holy Spirit is at work in the hearts of men and  women. He is the indwelling Spirit who inspires us  to do good things. Though we may not be aware of him, it is he who inspires us to do good. The Holy Spirit  guides our communities in many ways: he moves us to make the right decisions as was in the case of the early  Christian community. The apostles felt the guidance of the Holy Spirit. “It has seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us” (Acts 15,28). He strengthens us to accept the trials and  difficulties of our life on behalf of his kingdom. He helps us to live in love that binds us with God and  with one another.       The Holy Spirit is all the more active in today’s world, especially in our community at this eucharistic celebration. Whenever we participate in the Eucharist  and listen to the word of God and try to live in conformity with Christ’s precepts, the Holy Spirit is in our midst. Then we experience the fruits of His presence, namely, peace, joy, love and understanding in the community. It is the Holy Spirit that strengthens and encourages us  to go against the current,  along the way of love and forgiveness, in a world that becomes more and more materialistic and egoistic. Jesus has liberated us from all that is evil. Let us follow him who is the  way, the truth and the life. Let us get out of our selfishness of heart and mind and be open to the Spirit.  Let us responsive to the Spirit who inspires us to do good. Guided by the Spirit let us promote love, forgiveness and service in the community and comport ourselves  as true children of God.

Fr. Jose Parathottam osb.



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Easter Sunday 11.04.2004

2nd Sunday of Easter 18.04.2004